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Biggest hit rate in a podcast, ever

From time to time I stumble upon something that I want to share with others. Now is once again that time.

I have been a semi-active podcast listener now for about 5 years. For all that time there has been shows coming to my list of regulars, as well as shows leaving the list. A few weeks ago I found a program that has apparently been up and alive for eight years, but I had never heard of it before: The Art of Manliness Podcast. Now I have just listened a handful of episodes of it, but so far it has had a hit rate of 100% for me.

What I mean by a podcast hit rate is the ratio of episodes out of which I have got something valuable. And with the Art of Manliness, I have so far always walked away with something concrete:

That may not sound like much, but some of those, like the da Vinci episode, have already had a big impact in my daily life.

Give it a try.

Ps. I know the show has an awful name – the little feminist inside of me really hates it as well.

By Jouni Kaplas